Decentralized Autonomous ​Organization with Purpose!

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Pioneering Purpose Driven Decentralization

Join us in revolutionizing the way ​salvation, health, and freedom are ​realized, empowering individuals ​globally to take control of their lives ​and futures.

What s Special About EHT DAO

Global Communities

Connect, empower and lead with ​the world's leading minds, sharing ​the same purpose, values and ​vision of the future.

Network Effects

These are important in creating ​value in a digital world, boosting ​commercial networks and ​collaborative synergies.

Value and Exponentiality

Generate, retain and distribute ​value, through innovation, new ​business models and use of ​exponential technologies.

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Salvation, Health and Freedom ​become a Reality!

Who are the Founders of EHT DAO
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Cristian Cortés and Beatriz Isler are a married couple, who have worked together ​for 15+ years in different health, education, technology and innovation startups, ​who complement each other and share values (excellence, integrity and deep ​respect for the service of people), adapting constantly to achieve its purpose: ​Salvation, Health and Freedom become a Reality!

Creators of the first Virtual Therapists, Global Health Insurtech with Virtual ​Doctors (Zallud), Community of Christians around the World (Alerci), First Political ​Social Network in the World (Qolitica) and Platform and App Development Agency ​with Artificial Intelligence (Gepardo).

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CEO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. ©Master in Physical ​Therapy, Minor in Psychology and Diplomas in Rehabilitation, Exercise, Health and ​University Innovation. Sherpa and Instructor in “Evidence Based Entrepreneurship ​& Lean Innovation (EBELI)”. Former Singularity University Ambassador Santiago ​Chapter. “ExO Entrepreneur LATAM” for the ExO Community Award. “Fifty of the ​Most Influential Voices in Healthcare” for Medika Life, “Top 50 Global HealthTech ​Thought Leader and Influencers on Ecosystems” for Thinker 360 and “Top 200 ​Exponentialists in Digital Health”.

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COO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. © Master in Physical ​Therapy with Diplomas in Rehabilitation, Exercise and Health, with experience as a ​University Professor and Researcher in Human Functionality, Digital Health and ​Aquatic Therapy. She did an International Clinical Internship in Hydrotherapy. She ​coordinated the “Choose Living Healthy” program of the Ministry of Health; ​However, her greatest achievement is to form a beautiful family (husband and four ​children), balancing her life as an entrepreneur. In 2022, it was recognized as a ​"Digital Health Champion" by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank).

What have we Built to achieve our Purpose

Alerci: Community of Christians around the World!

Empowering Faith Beyond Borders: Access ​resources, prayer support, and fellowship anytime, ​anywhere, breaking down barriers and uniting ​believers in a global community rooted in Christ, ​love and faith.

Zallud: Global Health Insurtech with Virtual Doctors!

Redefining Health Assurance: Enjoy unparalleled ​access to a network of virtual doctors, cutting-​edge medical technologies, and worldwide ​coverage, empowering you to take control of your ​health journey like never before.

Qolitica: First Political Social Network in the World!

Empowering Civic Engagement: Be part of a ​groundbreaking platform that amplifies your voice, ​connects you with like-minded individuals, and ​catalyzes positive change on local and global ​political issues.

Gepardo: Platform and App Development Agency ​with Artificial Intelligence.

Partner for Bold Entrepreneurs: We combine the ​artistry of human creativity with the precision of ​artificial intelligence to create bespoke platforms ​and apps that resonate with users, delight ​stakeholders, and achieve unprecedented results.

What Do Our Members Think

Arunakiry ​Natarajan

“As a member of the EHT DAO, I have found the community to be an incredibly valuable resource that regularly provides ​me access to a network of like-minded professionals, all working towards the common goal of advancing healthcare ​technology.

Its social media discussions and posts continuously offer updated and valuable insights into the latest trends and best ​practices in the industry. I personally feel that EHT DAO is highly symbiotic, collaborative and inclusive and provides equal ​opportunities for all its members to share and contribute knowledge and expertise.

I am proud to be a part of EHT DAO and look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and collaborate with its members.”

Armia ​Abdo

“Since joining the EHT DAO in Healthtech, I have been impressed by the level of collaboration, innovation, and expertise ​that is shared among members. The community has provided me with valuable insights and opportunities to network ​with like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving change in the healthcare industry.

I have been particularly impressed by the DAO's focus on supporting cutting-edge projects that have the potential to ​make a significant impact on the health and well-being of individuals worldwide. The EHT DAO's commitment to ​advancing healthtech solutions aligns perfectly with my own mission, and I am proud to be a part of such a forward-​thinking community.”

Emiliano ​Valdes

“The EHT DAO community is a huge and amazing digital community I'm part of.

Every day I get to read about the latest state of the Art innovations in Health technology. I'm connected to the people ​that are making 20th Century sci fi real now.

The group keeps growing, reaching amazing startups, investors, doctors, IT people… It's so exciting to be a member of ​this community. I'm eager to add value to the network in the near future.”

Raphael ​Akangbe

“EHT DAO, is a community of a variety of world-class health technology experts, with rich contents that makes the difference in the health technology space. As a Digital health expert and CEO of Xeventy2.0 Health Limited, this community has enriched me in diverse ways, with unparalleled networks that have boosted my personality and business. It encompasses skilful experts that use the power of digital technologies, such as advanced analytics among others, to achieve health care goals.

As a result, the EHT DAO community has the opportunity to positively impact everyone from patients to health care providers and professionals. Some of the most common benefits include: Expanded access to health care to historically marginalized communities. Decreased health care costs for both patients and providers through advanced technologies. Improved patient health outcomes through powerful digital health tools for treatment plans. Increased operation efficiency at health facilities, such as hospitals. Improved diagnosis through machine learning algorithms and many more.

Belonging to this community has added huge values to my experience and business. EHT, DAO is truly a community of technology experts that’s building the global economy through current technology.“

Omotayo ​Omojola

“EHT DAO is a healthtech ecosystem where global health collaborations, Nobel innovations, and updated research are ​released daily.

It has broadened my digital health experience and made my clinical experience smooth and easier. It's a community to ​belong to, making health a reality!”

Bernardo ​Plaza Trillo

“EHT DAO is a game-changing platform, paving the way for the future of decentralized health in the web3 ecosystem. ​Offering a unique convergence of networking and knowledge sharing, EHT DAO stands as a cornerstone for innovation ​and collaboration in digital health.

The knowledge sharing aspect is top-notch. EHT DAO serves as a comprehensive resource for all things digital health, ​presenting cutting-edge research, innovations, and informed perspectives from a pool of highly talented individuals.

Finally, EHT DAO is more than just a platform; it's a community of forward-thinking minds shaping the future of digital ​health. It's a must-join network for anyone involved in this rapidly evolving field.”

Abass ​Kargbo

“The EHT DAO community is an inspirational community of like minded people who are striving for the advancement of ​health. I‘m proud to be a member of such an exceptional community.”

Faizal ​Daniels

“As a blockchain and crypto activist l am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for my global community of adopters, who are generally scared, yet curious; cynical, yet suffer from FOMO; and generally desperate to have an alternative, different and more rewarding experience with their earnings.

I regard myself as most fortunate to have happened upon the EHT DAO team, in particular Cristian Cortes (for whom I have a very high personal regard for a number of reasons). Due diligence bore my gut feeling out, which said this was the real thing; the openness, integrity and purpose focus of the team corroborated their claims as far as product, tokenomics, roadmap and processes are concerned.

All of this can only be really understood in a bit of context: as a political scientist I have felt at odds with the world and its systems for the last decade and a half. In problematising these, and searching for solutions, I found that EHT DAO, the leadership, team and community unveils the potential of the rapidly expanding potential of the blockchain based economy (including Web3, meta verse and IoT) for ordinary folk to live in a 'democratized' (not democracy) world (social and economic and otherwise), where inflation doesn't run rampant. A world in which healthcare actually means what it's supposed to mean: helping people dealing with their personal health issues in the most advanced, least intrusive ways.

These are some of my considerations. I invite people to have their own experiences if they're serious about changing their personal situations wherever they may find themselves. You can only have a different experience if you join a different community - try this one. Besides being a game-changer, it's most assuredly a life-changer. ”

Duke ​Munoz

“Being part of EHT DAO is amazing, everyday I see this community growing and collaborating together in finding solutions ​using technology while continuing to support each other and the projects they're involved in.

Together, we're striving to make a better healthcare system and more accessible to all.”

Abel ​Mestie

“I have had the honor of being a part of a dynamic and vibrant community committed to changing the course of healthcare as a passionate medical practitioner with a keen interest in digital health. This community is part of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the stated goal of ensuring that everyone has access to health.

It has been an exciting adventure being a member of this global healthtech community, full of chances for cooperation, networking, and information sharing. The network brings together a variety of stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, game changers, influencers, and managing partners from esteemed companies including VCs, Y Combinator, CB Insights, and other profitable startups.

The chance to create synergies and collaborations is one of the most important advantages of belonging to this community. The DAO structure enables individuals to collaborate, use their knowledge, assets, and suggestions to spur creativity and produce practical solutions. We have been able to address difficult issues in healthcare and achieve significant progress by active participation in debates, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative initiatives.

Being a part of this international healthtech community has made relationships possible that would not have been possible otherwise. A distinctive route for mentorship, partnership, and investment has been made possible by networking opportunities with powerful people and organizations. Developing connections with these stakeholders has broadened professional horizons as well as provided access to funds for creative projects and future collaborations.

My awareness of the state of the digital health industry has been greatly expanded by being exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints and expertise within the community. While interacting with managing partners and venture capitalists has offered light on investment trends and strategies, engaging with founders and game changers has given me insights into the difficulties and prospects of healthcare entrepreneurship. This broad understanding has played a crucial role in influencing my own ideas and strategies in digital health.

In conclusion, my involvement in this international healthtech community and DAO as a doctor who is passionate about digital health has been transformational. My professional experience has been enhanced and my desire to have a significant impact on healthcare has been motivated by the chance to work with, network with, and share ideas with influential stakeholders. We work together to use technology, innovation, and our combined knowledge to make health a reality for everyone.”

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